With over 16 years of experience in the electronic payment market, Algorix Sistemas de Informática provides its own solutions aimed at rendering services in processing, capture, operation, management and means of payment for Private Label Cards (loyalty).

We have a very varied portfolio of Products, where we offer PAT Card (Worker Meal Program), Covenant Card, Meal Card, Gift Card, Salary Card, Credit Cards, CRM, among others.

Because we have our own technological platform, our solutions are low cost, high flexibility and great agility, assumptions that place us at a different level from the others, since our priority is to meet all our customers' needs, especially with quality.

Our target audience is financial institutions, credit unions, banks, merchants, unions, companies that manage their own card, all through a complete processing platform based on Microsoft technology, offering maintenance facilities, flexibility in expanding to new products, security and above all quality.

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