Algorix was created to deliver processing solutions for Private Label Cards (loyalty), e-commerce (online shopping), CRM and other important systems to retailers.

Primarily designed to provide processing solutions for Store Credit Cards (private label), Algorix developed technology and processes capable of providing cost effective solutions, high flexibility and great agility, as these features are essential to meet the retailers' needs for this kind of card.

In addition, Algorix provides a wide range of support services for the different routines and operational procedures according to the issuers' and credit card administrators' needs and interests, such as:

  • Credit proposal analysis;
  • Issuance and distribution of private label cards;
  • Transactions' authorization at point of sales;
  • Shipping of payment slips and billing invoices;
  • Process control / booking of operations;
  • Management information.

Algorix solutions represent the state of the art, with the most modern resources, adapting easily to the retailers’ and credit card administrators’ needs in areas such as private label card, covenants, gift card, canteen card and loyalty programs.

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