Prepaid Benefit Cards / Payroll Loans


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Our Benefit Card is a wide-ranging solution designed to maximize operational efficiency and offer a secure and convenient user experience.

This product is ideal for administrators who want to provide flexible benefits, including PAT (Workers’ Food Program), to companies, entities and public bodies, with the ease of management and security that modern technology can offer.

The system can also be contracted directly by interested companies, entities and public bodies.


Multi Balance Card

Discover the power of the MultiSaldo Card! With up to 8 different balances on a single card, we offer unparalleled flexibility. Transfer between balances easily, providing freedom for both the user and the HR sector. Simplify and optimize with the MultiSaldo Card.


SaaS: Our Private Label Credit Card

A SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, which eliminates the need for significant initial investments since the entire infrastructure (servers, database, network, backup, etc.) is provided by Algorix. This modality allows for quick and cost-effective implementation, guaranteeing security, flexibility, and convenience for both your company and end users.

Client Management

We make it easy to add new clients with automatic import via Excel spreadsheets, optimizing both the time and accuracy of the data entered the system.

Intuitive application

Through our customized application for your business, cardholders can manage their accounts in a practical way, viewing expenses, paying invoices, and accessing a variety of other functionalities.


Access to self-service services by users directly through platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram.Fast refill processing.

Fast recharge process

Our system allows you to schedule recharges conveniently, directly through the platform or using Excel spreadsheets, offering flexibility to meet the specific needs of each company, and we guarantee same-day processing of recharges, ensuring efficiency and immediate satisfaction for card users.


Versatile Capture Options

We offer a wide range of capture options, including TEF, POS, WEB, and app-based solutions, with or without QRCode, adapting to different needs and usage preferences.

Direct communication

We use our platform to send SMS or messages directly to applications, keeping cardholders informed and always engaged.


The system allows withdrawals to be made at ATM terminals.


Payment of consigned and prepaid card charges.

Payment for prepaid benefit cards and payroll credit cards made by partners can be made via boleto bancário, transfer or PIX.


Integration with reconciliation systems.

We simplify the financial administration of the accredited network, allowing easy integration of transaction statements with external reconciliation systems.

Chip and Magnetic Stripe Technology

Our cards are equipped with chip technology for secure transactions, effectively protecting cardholders’ financial information. In addition, we include a magnetic stripe for wide acceptance in establishments, ensuring convenience and flexibility of use in a wide range of commercial locations.


Our solution allows you to choose between the ELO flag, the Administrator's own flag, or that of the public bodies, companies, etc. The cards can be personalized with any of the brands, offering flexibility in creating a visual identity that meets the specific needs of each partner.

Payments to the accredited network

We make secure and efficient payments to the accredited network via bank remittances.

Direct card control by HR.

We allow your client’s Human Resources department to directly control their employees’ cards, offering simplified management in line with the company’s internal policies. Payroll deduction: The system provides the client company with a personalized file to import into its HR system, automating payroll deduction.


Transaction monitoring

We provide detailed reports accessible in real time, enabling effective monitoring of user transactions.

Payment slips

The system allows the Administrator to authorize the end user to pay slips using the card balance

Cashback system

The system offers a cashback program that rewards users with credits for a percentage of the value of their purchases, encouraging savings and cardholder loyalty.

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